Code Uncode

Code Uncode is a secure coding competition designed to find the world’s most secure programmers, by accessing participants on their secure programming ability. We test participants’ domain knowledge of secure coding and their ability to develop secure programs.

Game Format
The competition is conducted in an online questionnaire format, and there are 3 parts to the competition: the Preliminary, Semi Finals and Finals round. Each round serves as an elimination round, as only the participants with the highest score move to the next round. The person with the highest score from the finals round is the competition winner.

Images from Code Uncode Events around India


code-uncode-leftside Preliminary Round – 120 Mins

  • 100 multiple choice questions on basics of Secure Programming

Semi Final – 75 Mins

  • 75 multiple choice and scenario based questions in elective format.

Grand Finale – 60 Mins

  • 10 Scenario based questions, where maximum vulnerabilities will need to be discovered and fixed to make it the most secure program.

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