Cyber Discovery Group


The Cyber Discovery Group (CDG) is a veteran owned 501(c)(3) public charity in education.

The Cyber Discovery Group was started in Augusta, GA by veterans and technologist which working to promote awareness and education in cybersecurity to the public. Our cyberspace of today is vast and at times dangerous to those undereducated and under skilled. One of the best ways to overcome such challenges is through the means of public education, teamwork, and community building. CDG programs are all developed by seasoned security professionals and businesses with cyberspace experience that are trying to create a better cyber future for tomorrow. For additional information on our programs and opportunities, visit

‘Be more. Do more. Discover more.’

Currently there exist a major lack of standard education and skills in the public education system and many of those experienced do not have the means to give back to the community. The CDG works directly with the public by hosting free training workshops, conferences, and professional certification training classes. These services are developed by experienced professionals in conjunction with our staff to be flexible and easily available. As well, there are often many people with the aptitude for cyber skills, but they simply do not know how to get started working in cyberspace. Our network of affiliates and sponsors at the CDG provide career enhancing opportunities, socioeconomic developments, and cyber related scholarships to the public. For the full list of services provided by our charity, visit our website.

Building a better cyberspace starts with being more, doing more, and discovering more. Support the Cyber Discovery Group and help us grow a better cyberspace today!