Live. Learn. Secure.

Give back to your community by mentoring students and fostering cyber security awareness.

Mentors advocate cyber security awareness by using our content to train and educate students. They can volunteer with existing education partnerships or mentors can submit their preferred education provider’s information for review. If your program of choice is approved, EC-Council Foundation will partner with them, and supply our content along with equipped mentors to teach our Live.Learn.Secure program.  If you are interested in volunteering or request more information about our program fill out the form below.

Cyber threats are continuously happing every day and there is no sign that they will go away any time soon. “With 431 million adult victims globally in the past year and at an annual price of $388 billion globally based on financial losses and time lost, cybercrime costs the world significantly more than the global black market in marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined ($288 billion).” Cited Norton Cybercrime Report 2011
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