Global CyberLympics 2013 Round 1 Write-up and Results

Guest Blog – July 16, 2013 I really enjoyed the first hour of this round, since we only got a 22 MB pcap file, and 10 questions, and we had to do a little investigation. But the last 2 hours were miserable. Question 10 was basically 5 challenges, but…

CyberLympics Round 1 Results

Guest Blog – July 10, 2013 We recently participated in the first round of the CyberLympics, which consisted of a 3 hour challenge to dissect a packet capture and answer a series of questions about it….  

Hackers Get Your Team Ready For Global CyberLympics

June 5, 2013 Hackers! A great platform for you to show your skills at an international level, Global CyberLympics is an event going to be organized worldwide starting in June 2013.